Laser Therapy

Sutton Road Animal Hospital Offers Laser Therapy For Pets

Pets sometimes deal with health problems that involve ongoing discomfort or problems with healing. Low-level laser technology offers a solution, with deep tissue stimulation that boosts the natural healing power of the body. Sutton Road Animal Hospital, your veterinarian in Streamwood, IL, we offer laser therapy that facilitates healing and reduces pain.


What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser, a high-energy beam of light, has been used in human medicine for many years, to provide precise surgical incisions that heal quickly. Researchers found that laser light, used at much lower frequencies, can be used to aid healing of wounds and reduce pain. This “cold laser” light is delivered from the surface of the skin with a hand-held device, which reaches deep into tissues to stimulate natural healing, in a process called “photobiomodulation.” The result is faster healing of wounds and greater comfort for the animal.

Conditions Laser Therapy Can Benefit

Cold laser therapy has been found to be helpful for a number of animal health issues. After surgery, it can be used to heal wounds more quickly, so animals can resume their normal activities faster. Laser therapy can also reduce scar formation after surgery and after trauma. The therapy helps to soothe painful trigger points in the body. It can reduce discomfort from arthritis. It can also help to boost immune system function. Laser therapy may also be used for nerve problems and nerve regeneration.

What Happens During Laser Therapy?

During a laser therapy session, the animal lies down comfortably on a padded table or blanket. Generally, no sedative is needed. Treatments are painless. Many animals find the therapy relaxing and will sleep during the session. A hand-held device is passed over the surface of the skin for a period of 10 to 30 minutes. After the session, the animals can continue its normal activities. Your veterinarian will determine how many laser sessions are needed to optimize the outcome for your pet.

Choose Sutton Road Animal Hospital For Laser Therapy in Streamwood

The veterinary team at Sutton Road Animal Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality care for their patients in Streamwood, IL, and nearby communities. We offer many services for pets, including wellness exams, vaccinations, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, pharmacy services, and emergency care.

We also make house calls. Contact Sutton Road Animal Hospital today at 847-742-8298 for an appointment to learn about the benefits of laser therapy for your pet.

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